Custom event disappearing in decodebin

Bruno Gonzalez stenyak at
Mon Oct 1 23:04:40 PDT 2012

Hi all,
I'm using the python bindings to create a pipeline like this:
rtspsrc  queue  rtph264depay  capsfilter  tee  decodebin  tee  videocrop
 tee  videoscale  tee  capsfilter  x264enc  tee  custom_bin

I insert a gst.EVENT_CUSTOM_DOWNSTREAM in the tee between capsfilter and
decodebin (using tee.send_event(my_event) ).

I have added event_probes to all elements' "sink" and "src" pads, in order
to track the life of the custom event.

In gstreamer 0.10.29, the event travels through all elements until it
reaches my custom_bin element, where I process it.
In gstreamer 0.10.36, the event arrives at the decodebin sink pad, but does
not arrive at its src pad, or any other elements after it (so it never
reaches my custom_bin).

My code remains exactly the same, the only change is the gstreamer version
that is installed.

Other events, such as GST_EVENT_NEWSEGMENT or GST_EVENT_LATENCY traverse
all elements with no problems in both 0.10.29 and 0.10.36.

Any hints as to why the custom event would be stopping at the decodebin element
in 0.10.36?

Thanks in advance!

     Bruno González

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