Sink elements hangs for a while

iron_guitarist1987 jtrinidadperez at
Thu Oct 4 13:12:08 PDT 2012

Hello all,

I created a custom sink element that prints out the data received. When I
run my pipeline, it hangs for a minute or two, and then it starts printing
the data. The is the debug info I get before it hangs. Any ideas on what I
should do?

0:00:04.028382000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG               basesink
gstbasesink.c:2267:gst_base_sink_wait_preroll:<cobjsink0> continue after
0:00:04.028431000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG               basesink
gstbasesink.c:2559:gst_base_sink_do_sync:<cobjsink0> possibly waiting for
clock to                                                        reach
0:01:59.504382370, adjusted 0:01:59.504382370
0:00:04.028489000 15485      0x22924a0 LOG                 basesink
gstbasesink.c:2183:gst_base_sink_wait_clock:<cobjsink0> time
0:01:59.504382370, bas                                                      
e_time 6:33:56.936747532
0:00:04.028504000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG              GST_CLOCK
gstclock.c:195:gst_clock_entry_new:<GstSystemClock> created entry 0x2921400,
time 6:35                                                      
0:00:04.028742000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG              GST_CLOCK
gstclock.c:489:gst_clock_id_wait:<GstSystemClock> waiting on clock entry
0:00:04.028950000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG              GST_CLOCK
gstclock.c:955:gst_clock_get_internal_time:<GstSystemClock> internal time
6:33:56.9644                                                       75532
0:00:04.029013000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG              GST_CLOCK
gstclock.c:1000:gst_clock_get_time:<GstSystemClock> adjusted time
0:00:04.029061000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG              GST_CLOCK
gstsystemclock.c:598:gst_system_clock_id_wait_jitter_unlocked: entry
0x2921400 time 6:                                                      
35:56.441129902 now 6:33:56.964475532 diff (time-now) 119476654370
0:00:04.029121000 15485      0x22924a0 DEBUG               GST_POLL
gstpoll.c:1224:gst_poll_wait: timeout :0:01:59.476654370

Thank you.

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