Video suddenly lost

Ralph ralph.gucwa at
Wed Oct 10 07:57:38 PDT 2012

I forgot to add that I configure gnlfilesource with the following caps:
"audio/x-raw-int; audio/x-raw-float".

Waveformsink fails to open the audio device.  This is the code extracted
from waveformsink.c which reports the error:

  /* open the default audio device with the given caps */
  mmresult = waveOutOpen (&wfsink->hwaveout, WAVE_MAPPER,
      &wfx, (DWORD) waveOutProc, (DWORD) wfsink, CALLBACK_FUNCTION);
  if (mmresult != MMSYSERR_NOERROR) {
    waveOutGetErrorText (mmresult, wfsink->error_string, ERROR_LENGTH - 1);
        ("gst_waveform_sink_prepare: waveOutOpen failed error=>%s",
            wfsink->error_string), (NULL));
    return FALSE;

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