Python command line application.

Andre Caldas andre.em.caldas at
Wed Oct 10 17:14:05 PDT 2012

> Andre, tell honestly, have you tried by yourself what is the effect of
> trying to call self.pipeline.set_state(gst.STATE_PLAYING) after
> mainloop has been started?

Nope. I don't know how to do that! For that reason I asked!!! :-P

My problem is solved now. It had NOTHING TO DO with the main loop. I
had a "segmentation fault" and suspected about the main loop. Since I
didn't know about the relationship between gst and gtk, I decided to
ask. By the way, the "segumentation fault" was due to a "gnlfilesource
location=file_that_doesnt_exist.ogv". I would never suspect this could
cause a segmentation fault...

My question still makes sense to me, though:
"What is the recommended way to use GStreamer + python without a GUI?"

My "GUESS" that the main loop could cause problems when "playing" the
pipeline was wrong. But it was just a guess... :-P

André Caldas.

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