Video suddenly lost

Ralph ralph.gucwa at
Thu Oct 11 04:52:44 PDT 2012

David Hoyt wrote
> This sounds like an issue with your audio output device. I would open up
> device manager and take a look at the device configuration for conflicts,
> missing audio drivers, etc. If you find an issue, I'd suggest you write a
> patch (against master) to detect and then more gracefully deal with that
> scenario.

No audio devices display any errors.  In fact I can get sound from any other
program I tried on this machine.
Directsoundsink does not work on that machine at all (DSERR_NODRIVER), so I
have no option but to use waveformsink.

At the moment I implemented a workaround: as soon as GStreamer is
initialized I create a test audio pipeline and try to play some silence. If
it fails, I skip creating the audio pipeline completely.  No sound is better
than no video.  This is just a temporary workaround, it would be nice to
find out why the audio device can't be opened especially when all other
programs work.

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