not able to seek while it plays and Its playing too fast

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Mon Oct 15 02:12:28 PDT 2012

On Sun, 2012-10-14 at 22:51 -0700, somanath sahoo wrote:


> I am not trying play while i am recording from the stream.
> I am trying to record for some time and pressing control+c which
> forcing EOS and mp4 file has been created.  then i am trying play that
> mp4 file using media player available with ubuntu 12.04.
> Please help me to know what i am doing wrong in the below pipeline
> while i am trying to record a stream into mp4 format  for a duration
> by pressing cntr+c which forces EOS to the mp4 file. The problem that
> i am facing ; the seek is not working and playing too fast when i am
> trying to play that recorded mp4 file. here is the pipeline -- 
> gst-launch-0.10 -e udpsrc port=1234 !
> "application/x-rtp,payload=127" ! rtph264depay ! filesink
> location=x001.mp4

You should mux the h264 data into a container, e.g. with mp4mux or
matroskamux or mpegpsmux. That will preserve timestamps. And don't
forget about that gstrtpjitterbuffer before the depayloader.


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