Audio discontinuity problem

Nox Deleo noxdeleo at
Tue Oct 16 08:33:30 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to GStreamer, and I'm trying to get a reasonably complicated
audio processing pipeline working with some LADSPA plugins.

A graphviz representation of the pipeline:

It's a bit messy atm since I've been trying various configurations of
queue's and audiorate's trying to remedy the situation, but it's futile
since my understanding is too limited.

If I have queue's between every source and sink pad it eliminates any
problems with dropped samples or starved elements, but I'm not sure if this
is the best practise here. Any suggestions on that?

The problem I'm left with is this:
0:00:00.856545855 10573      0x2111b20 WARN           bin
gstbin.c:2399:gst_bin_do_latency_func:<dsp> failed to query latency
0:00:01.799948730 10573      0x20dc590 WARN           baseaudiosink
Unexpected discontinuity in audio timestamps of +0:00:00.626938775,

The discontinuity warning repeats a few every second. Adding an audiorate
before the jackaudiosink helped the problem quite a lot, but didn't make it
go away (audio was slightly crackly). It's alot worse with all 5 "subpipes"
going at once than it is with 2, which makes me think latency is somehow to
blame, but again I don't really know (the CPU usage is very low). The
graphviz should give you a decent idea of what I'm trying to do, so
hopefully someone can help me get this working.

Thanks in advance.
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