Changing filesink location after a mux with many inputs.

Paddy pat.blanchon at
Thu Oct 18 15:11:15 PDT 2012

Paddy wrote
> More progress ...
> I've recovered the 1.3sec of missing video. This is what I now do when I
> want to change the filesink location on the fly:
> 1)  install/enable a handoff function on an identity element inserted
> between the x264enc & videoQ elements which simply looks for keyframes
> (see above pipeline).
> 2)  when a keyframe is detected block both queue src pads & disable the
> handoff
> 3)  in the first blocked callback, unlink the mux/sink bin from both
> queues & send an EOS event to the audio & video sink pads in the mux/sink
> bin. I have to do this - without the EOS I never see the second callback.
> I can also confirm that both EOS's find their way to the mux/sink bin - I
> missed them in the yards of debug
> 4)  on the second callback a new mux/sink bin is created, added & synced
> to the pipeline & the queues are unblocked
> 5)  the mux/file bin EOS handler function sets the retiring bin state to
> NULL & removes it from the pipeline
> Hopefully this may help others who want to try this.
> Meanwhile I still have a couple of questions:
> Is the missing second block callback expected behaviour or a bug ? I never
> see the second callback unless I send the EOS event. 
> Bug or not: is the above procedure sound ? I'm new to gstreamer & don't
> have much of a grip on its architecture, design & implementation; so
> there's everything chance what I'm doing is fundamentally flawed.
> Cheer again

Bumping this up so hopefully my questions can be considered. 

I'll dig some sample code out that shows the pertinent steps for those gents
that have asked

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