Request for feedback: New DASH plugin implementation (dashdemux)

David Corvoysier david.corvoysier at
Mon Oct 22 08:44:34 PDT 2012


Dashbin now has a kid brother !

After a first implementation of DASH in gstreamer brought to the 
attention of the community in May (see, we would like people 
interested to evaluate dashdemux, a brand new implementation that tries 
to address most of the concerns raised by the previous one.

This new plugin is the result of a joint effort from ST MicroElectronics 
and Orange, and tries to take advantage of a few generic classes 
introduced by the existing HLS Demux from gst-plugins-good.

The code is available here:, and is licensed under 
LGPL V2.1.

When evaluating the plugin, please keep in mind that despite our 
efforts, it is still a prototype that would require some work to reach 
production grade:
- the seek is unreliable (sorry !),
- there may be a memory leak, as under certain circumstances, the memory 
increases a lot (but it's still hard to figure out which part is 
responsible, as decodebin for instance doesn't prune drained chains 
before the end of the pipeline),
- if multiple audio languages are available, they are all downloaded 
(otherwise we cannot change the audio dynamically),
- a few other things need to be fixed in the code (look for FIXME),
- it is not compatible with gstreamer 1.x ...

Based on your feedback, we are ready to discuss of a plan to include 
dashdemux to the existing suite of gstreamer plugins (probably sitting 
next to HLS demux inside a 'fragmented' plugin is the best option).


David Corvoysier

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