iOS capture problem

rpappalax rpappalax at
Tue Oct 23 01:31:00 PDT 2012


I've been able to do video capture on iOS 5.1, but after upgrade to 6.0,
there's a green stripe across the top of the video and some color
separation.  This happens only when using AVCaptureSessionPresetMedium
(480x360).  I'm trying to track down if the issue is in recent changes to
AVFoundation or in the way gstreamer handles them. 

I've tried filing a defect with Apple, but they're requesting more
information about use of API (and taking stride into account).  I assume
they want to see if there's some mishandling with postprocessing of video
stream.  I'm not familiar enough with avfvideosrc to understand padding
might be might be taking place.

Any help in better understanding this would be appreciated.



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