Problems while muxing H.264+mp3.

Ricardo Gurgel ricardogurgels at
Wed Oct 24 12:12:10 PDT 2012


My name is Ricardo and I'm working on a library that will be responsible
for all multimedia services of the project, that is based on a i.MX53
processor, but during this phase of the development, I'm working on a
PC(gstreamer-0.10.36). For that library, I'm using gstreamer-devel and it's
working fine for video encoding and streaming, but, when I tried to add the
audio from the *alsasrc* through an *avimux*, it works by 9 sec., and
then... the pipeline gets stalled, freezing the dataflow and resulting on a
0 byte-lenght file and a lot of frustration. As I'm working with a lot of
elements on my pipeline(including bins and ghostpads) I'm sending attached
an overview of my application.

Feel free to ask for more details!
Ricardo Gurgel de Sousa
Embbeded Systems Developer
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