When does GStreamer release lock on files?

Paweł Matyszok pawel.matyszok at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 05:11:17 PDT 2013


Brief introduction to my problem:
I have IP camera, which sends h264 encoded video via RTSP. I managed to
successfully receive that stream and display it using GStreamer. Further, I
managed to save h264 encoded video directly to file (without decompresion),
and its working quite nice. However, my purpose is to cyclically write
videos on disk (cyclic buffor). I am using OSSBuild for Windows and I am
trying to do this programatically. When disk is full, the oldest recorder
file should be deleted. It works fine, when the oldest file was written by
gstreamer based application,which was closed and then started again. But
when i ran my app for whole night, it has crashed, because the oldest
recorder file was still open in that app.

My question (and problem) is: when does Gstreamer release lock on files?

Clearly, it is not, when the file is not being recorded any more. I can
open the file (i.e. in VLC), but I cannot delete it, even if it is not
still being write (it's size is fixed), the handle is not being released.
 How can I force GStremaer to release that file (the pipeline, which has
created it, does not exists anymore, when i want to delete it)? It is being
released when app is closed...

Best Regards
Paweł Matyszok
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