Control of pipeline and g_main_loop in a daughter thread

Wes Miller wmiller at
Wed Apr 3 07:22:55 PDT 2013


Curious.  Every example I have ever seen has the pipeline set to PLAYING
followed by a main loop run().  I always thought it took the mainloop for
the pipeline to run but now I'm guessing it's really just something for the
program to do till the pipeline ends.  (True?)  

Would a LONG sleep work just as well?  or would the sleep stall the

Would a program loop work?  Say:

    stateChgRc = gst_element_set_state( myPipeline, GST_STATE_PLAYING );
    while (true)
       std::cin x;
       if ( EXITCODE == do_something_with( x ) )   break;

or would that also stall the pipeline?

Again, thanks,


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