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Hello everyone,
    I'm very nice to join this mail list, and very nice to have the opportunity to talk with so many talents. 
I'm a beginner of streamer.  I have investigated and tried this for about one week.   Now I can successfully send videotestsrc through rtp and receive it through other client.    If anyone is interested at my work or have any questions , I'd like to provide help as I can.
During my work, I also encounter a problem.  I am working on Mac OS X.  I found when I download the latest gstreamer code, and tried to build gst-plugins-good-1.0.6,  during "configure" running,   it says "osx_audio" not ported.   The OSS4sink was built and successfully but looks like it can not work on Mac OSX, since MAC OS X has no Open Sound System.   That means there is no way to play sound under Mac OSX.
I ever got the gstreamer sdk for MAC os from gstreamer.com, and found the SDK contains osxaudio. After verification I found that works.But unfortunately ,The SDK is based on gstreamer-0.10.
My questions is:    1. what does the "not ported " mean? 2. How can I build osxaudio on Mac OSX with the latest code (based on streamer-1.0)? 3. Can I simply copy the binaries of  osxaudiosink based on gstreamer-0.10 to streamer-1.0 directory to make it work?

Any feedback will be really appreciate!
Thanks and Regards,Haiming Wang
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