uvch264_src and git 0.10 branch issues

yusuf.husainy yusuf.husainy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 03:30:42 PDT 2013

Hello all,

I am new to Git environment, but I have to use uvch264_src for interfacing
with my C920 I just bought.

Now, as some posts are mentioning, I have to have the gstreamer core,
gst-plugins-base/good/bad from the 0.10 branch og the Gstreamer git repos.

I cloned all above and got a master branch reflecting latest versions.

However, I need the 0.10 branch(am I right??)

Also in that i need to create a new branch from tag RELEASE-0.10.x of all 4
repos above(i think so).

So i did this, using commands(for gst-plugins-bad, as it contains the said
element, also i will do it for other repos as well):
$ git clone ..../gstreamer/gstreamer
..into /usr/local(I have ubuntu, so i have the pre-compiled binaries
available to me, but i dont think they have this element, if i downloded and
built from source the gst-plugins-bad, as only the git version hosts this).

then i did:
$git checkout -b new origin/0.10  (this made a branch of 0.10 in my working
directory, I dont know which version HEAD is pointing to as git tag -l lists
upto 1.0.6)
$git fetch
$git checkout -b new1 RELEASE-0.10.23

After this, i presume new1 branch has the element uvch264_src???
However, after reading through NEWS and RELEASE(in the top level directory),
I found no mention of uvch264_src element.

Am i doing thing right or have i missed few things?
I would appreciate any help on this as well as if anybody could mention the
installation procedure(I know the basic installation -autogen, configure,
make, make install, but pertaining to the fact that I would need some extra
dependencies for this element).

Regards and Thanks,
Yusuf Husainy.

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