[ANN] gstreamer-vaapi 0.5.3

Gwenole Beauchesne gb.devel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 05:57:05 PDT 2013


A new version of gstreamer-vaapi is available at:

gstreamer-vaapi is a collection of GStreamer plugins and helper
libraries that allow hardware accelerated video decoding through
VA-API. Depending on the underlying hardware, the following video
decoders are supported: JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4:2, H.264 and VC-1.
Renderers are available for X11, GLX, Wayland and raw DRM for headless

Note: you can build GStreamer 0.10 or 1.0 compatible plugins with the
--with-gstreamer-api configure option.

Version 0.5.3 - 18.Apr.2013
* Add support for GStreamer 1.0.x API (+Sreerenj Balachandran)
* Fix build on Fedora 17 (Víctor Manuel Jáquez)
* Fix vaapidecode heuristics to detect decode timeouts
* Fix fallback to sofware decoding if no hardware decoder is available
* Fix regression in raw decoding mode whereby PTS or picture flags were lost

Version 0.5.2 - 28.Mar.2013
* Add support for video seek/reset (+Sreerenj Balachandran)
* Improve MPEG-2 decoder robustness when packets are missing
* Fix support for raw YUV buffers in vaapisink
* Fix build on older Linux distributions with glib < 2.32
* Fix decoding of MPEG-2 videos with height > 2800 pixels
* Fix MPEG-2 decoding with explicit quantization matrices set (Cong Zhong)
* Fix illegal write in vaapiupload for NV12 surfaces (Holger Kaelberer)

Bugs can be reported in the GNOME Bugzilla system at:

This release supports clutter-gst 2.0.x with GStreamer 1.0 but also
older clutter-gst releases with GStreamer 0.10. However, for GStreamer
1.0 support, a small patch is necessary and is currently available at:

Support for video decoding acceleration in Webkit/GTK is currently available at:


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