When will the SDK migrate to gstreamer-1.0 ?

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Mon Apr 22 04:53:08 PDT 2013

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 3:07 AM, Haiming Wang <whm_buaa at hotmail.com> wrote:

> HI Buddies,
>    I found the current gstreamer SDK from www.gstreamer.com is based on
> streamer-0.10.  I want to know if there is a plan to port it to
> streamer-1.0?

There's been some recipes for building 1.0 in git, but no packages and
certainly no releases. However it looks like a package has just been added
today, so perhaps a binary release will be coming soon. Of course you can
always use cerbero to build it yourself.

The reason given in the past for GStreamer.com not being updated to 1.0 is
that most commercial users are stuck with 0.10; you can search the archives
to find several posts about this.

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