where is gstreamer-basevideo

Sebastian Dröge sebastian.droege at collabora.co.uk
Sat Apr 27 00:48:45 PDT 2013

On Sa, 2013-04-27 at 07:04 +0000, Yuan, Feng wrote:
> Hi,
>      When I pulled the latest source code from gst-plugins-bad
> (*master* branch), I found gstreamer-basevideo was removed by commit
> 524421e4362a1c94555c6f7a362c7539bb71a0ca. Some other libs still
> depends on basevideo and need call to gst_video_context_set_context.
> So anyone know what's the replacement of
> gst_video_context_set_context, and why it was removed?

The replacement for that exact function is gst_element_set_context().
See docs/design/part-context.txt and the documentation of GstContext.

libgstbasevideo from gst-plugins-bad was always a library with unstable
API (as every library in gst-plugins-bad), and there are no replacements
for everything in there in gstreamer or gst-plugins-base.
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