Anyone have a Windows DevStudio 1.0X gstreamer libs?

Scott Zollinger szollinger at
Tue Apr 30 14:21:24 PDT 2013

I am trying to develop code on Windows with Dev Studio (12) that eventually runs on linux with gstreamer.  I was happy in Windows with the gstreamer SDK (very nice by the way) until we decided to move the linux target to a 1.x (1.06 currently) version of gstreamer.  The problem is that there are calls in 1.x that are not in the 0.10 and vice versa.

I can build the Windows binaries with some work (getting the correct version of GLIB2, etc) but if there was a repository with prebuilt libs for gstreamer and the good/bad/base plugins I would be very happy to consume them.  Anyone have any luck finding such files?  Thanks.

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