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Indeed, yes, I wrongly set up the title of this post 'gst_element_query_duration' instead of 'gst_element_query_position', so the position is what matters for me.
Probably in GStreamer 1.0 there's a different sintax regarding pointers vs. references, but here I'm concerned about 0.10.28 vs. 0.10.36 versions of GStreamer because this what they use in the project I work on.

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Hi again, Actually, I think there is a confusion in this post as the subject/title of the post is gst_element_query_duration, but in the sample code it appears gst_element_query_position (they are totally different) and no gst_element_query_duration call. If you are interested in gst_element_query_position, then please tell me whether the audioresample element is active or not. In other words, when you remove audioresample, is the issue still present (assuming a common sampling rate - DEFAULT_SAMPLE_RATE in your code - like 44100)? -- View this message in context: Sent from the GStreamer-devel mailing list archive at _______________________________________________ gstreamer-devel mailing list gstreamer-devel at
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