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Tue Jul 2 07:31:38 PDT 2013

On 07/02/2013 04:21 PM, Chuck Crisler wrote:
> This is really a GObject question but I am sure many people on this 
> list know the answer.
> I am trying to extend the RTSP server code, so I am deriving from the 
> RTSP objects. How do I connect my derived classes to the GStreamer 
> RTSP classes up to GObject? I have read through the GObject doc but 
> they seem to assume that you are deriving from GObject (with the RTSP 
> classes do).

There are plenty of examples to look at. in the RTSP server you can look 
at how rtsp-media-factory-uri.c derives from
rtsp-media-factory.c, for example, and overrides the create_element method.

There is not much other than to understand how subclassing works for 
GObject derived objects, which is explained in the
GObject docs.

> TIA!
> Chuck
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