playbin : no mp4 sound

Otwoh a.guiavarch at
Thu Jul 4 06:51:10 PDT 2013

Yeah, thanks. It's just a bad paste ^^

I tried to read a simple audio file .m4a (Mpeg4 AAC codec) with playbin2.
the bus received an error message : "Your GStreamer installation is missing
a plug-in."

I tried to build a simple pipeline, and force Gstreamer to use ffdec_aac,
but it also fail, with "<Ptr> incorrect"
my pipeline is : 
pipeline = gst_parse_launch ("filesrc location=test.m4a ! ffdec_aac !
audioconvert ! autoaudiosink", NULL);

Is it possible that My installation of GStreamer failed ? Moreover, other
ffmpeg elements work fine (like ffenc_aac)...
Is there additionnal codec to install with gstreamer ?   I don't think so,
because other media player works.
Is there some special lib to add to the link, to use specific codec to run ?

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