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I was wondering if you could put Snowmix on the list of applications listed
on the page ? Snowmix can be found

A short description of Snowmix could be:

Snowmix is a video and audio mixer tool written in C++ targeting live video
production. It supports an unlimited number of video and audio inputs. The
testing and supported platform is Ubuntu Linux, but can compile for other
platforms including OS X.

A longer description is available at the Snowmix website including many
pages of documentation. Snowmix offers more 220 commands for manipulating
audio and video in realtime. It has its own config and command language for
setting up Snowmix and running simple scripting. It also has a built-in Tcl
interpreter for advanced limitless scripting. Lately shapes was added to
Snowmix adding support for complex graphics and image drawing, clipping,
patterns, gradients and masking using graphic primitives of the 2D Cairo
Graphics library. Simple animation for text, images and video feeds for
placement, clipping, scaling, rotation and alpha blending is offered
natively, while more complex operations can be achieved through scripting.

Snowmix depends on GStreamer for video input and output using the shmsink
and shmsrc modules of GStreamer. When shmsrc and shmsink is generally
available for GStreamer on OS X, this platform will also be able to use
Snowmix. Audio input and output is easiest done using GStreamer, though
other applications may work as well.

Snowmix is a tool and not an application, though included in SNowmix is a
GUI app named Snowcub. However Snowcub is a tool used by the developer for
testing Snowmix and for controlling Snowmix while producing live streaming
for Copenhagen Suborbitals. Latest rocket launch and production can be seen
at where the launch is at
approx. 3:03:50. Jitter in video is due to very difficult transmission

Snowmix has some video tutorials available at its YouTube channel at

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Peter Maersk-Moller
Author of Snowmix

PS. Thanks for GStreamer. A really great tool.
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