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Andoni, thank you very much for detailed information!

So, I'll keep RUN_NS_APP_THREAD intact and remove 'have-ns-view' processing in 
1.0 branch.

Here're bug reports I created for the problems I address:

And I also plan to sort out this issue:

В письме от 06 июл 2013 14:44:18 Вы написали:
GStreamer apps can run without a glib main loop running. We need the NS run 
loop for Cocoa when the sink needs to create its own window and there isn't 
any NS run loop running, like for instance with gst-launch.
This conditional code is used for  OS X <= 10.5 

Thanks for clarification

2. When ontaining a window to display video
(gst_osx_video_sink_osxwindow_create() function in osxvideosink.m) it first
posts 'have-ns-view' message in hope that someone would receive it and take
inner GLView (actually responsible for displaying video) to subviews. 'Embed'
property also serves this purpose. Is it really needed functionality given
that we have GstVideoOverlay interface with methods exactly for this case? The
problem is that it obfuscates the code of
gst_osx_video_sink_osxwindow_create() considerably as we have to wait for
answer both on 'have-ns-view' message and
gst_video_overlay_prepare_window_handle() there.

This was kept in 0.10 for backwards compatibility in the early stage of this 
sink and it should be removed in 1.0 

3. Would anyone mind if we split osxvideosink.h(.m) to two files with one have
C code of helper functions and another one have Objective C code of
GstOSXVideoSinkObject and some other objects? I think, it could make the whole
code simpler.

Sure, go ahead :)

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