How to detect end and start of file

Wes Miller wmiller at
Wed Jul 10 07:12:19 PDT 2013

If you are writing this as a program, not a gst-launch commmand line, won't
you be generating all the not-eof/sof EOS messages?  Wouldn't you
automatically know "you" sent it or the filesrc element sent it?  

Do you have a cntl-C (and other?) signal catcher?  Does it implement the
double ctrl-C common in gstremer apps that allows the first ctrl-c to send
an EOS to the pipeline? The first ctrl-C tells the pipeline to properly
halt.  It allows time for the elements to handle the EOS by allowing any end
of output operations (like closing an mkv output file properly) to complete
before honoring the second ctrl-c to exit the program.


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