Multiple gnloperation elements?

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Sat Jul 13 08:37:45 PDT 2013

Le lundi 08 juillet 2013 à 11:05 +0200, Lorenzo Miniero a écrit :

> As far as I've understood, anything in a gnlcomposition must be a
> compliant non-linear bin element, meaning I cannot just place those
> filters cascaded after a gnlfilesource. I guess the proper way to do
> so would be to have further gnloperation elements to take care of
> those operations, but I haven't managed so far to understand whether
> or not a gnlcomposition can contain more than a single gnloperation at
> all. If so, how can I have a specific gnlfilesource attach to a
> specific gnloperation taking care of it, and then have this be the
> source of the data to feed to the videomixing gnloperation itself? I
> tried playing a bit with the 'pad-added' signals but I couldn't do
> anything in that sense

Let's say you have two video streams that's you like to crop before
mixing, you could have the following gnlcomposition:

1. [OP         videomixer          ]
2. [OP     crop-1 num-sinks=1      ]
3. [SRC         video-1            ] 
4. [OP     crop-2 num-sinks=1      ]
5. [SRC         video-2            ]


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