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Genghis Khan genghiskhan at
Sat Jul 13 22:31:06 PDT 2013

Hello Tim,

Please add the following software into the GStreamer applications list.

Clementine is a multiplatform music player. It is inspired by Amarok
1.4, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and
playing your music.

Cuberok is a music player and a collection manager based on Qt4. It has
lightweight interface, music collection support and many features, e.g.
music autorating and Last.FM scrobbler.

Exaile is a music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python. It
incorporates automatic fetching of album art, lyrics fetching,
scrobbling, support for many portable media players, internet radio
such as shoutcast, and tabbed playlists.

Gajim via Farstream using python-farstream
Gajim is a Jabber/XMPP client with VoIP and Video conferencing support.

gmusicbrowser : An open-source jukebox for large collections of
mp3/ogg/flac/mpc/ape files, written in perl.

Gnac is an easy to use audio conversion program for the Gnome desktop.
It is designed to be powerful but simple! It provides easy audio files
conversion between all GStreamer supported audio formats.

Simple voice-over-IP softphone - based on OpalVOIP and GTK3

The program gst123 is designed to be a more flexible command line
player in the spirit of ogg123 and mpg123, based on gstreamer. It plays
all file formats gstreamer understands, so if you have a music
collection which contains different file formats, like flac, ogg and
mp3, you can use gst123 to play all your music files.

Nightingale (fork of Songbird)
Nightingale is a community based fork of the Songbird Media player.

 * note:

More information at:

Psi via PsiMedia
PsiMedia is a thick abstraction layer for providing audio and video RTP
services to Psi-like IM clients. The implementation is based on

 * note: Psi+ has PsiMedia included by default in its bundle.

Radio Tray
Radio Tray is an online radio streaming player that runs on a Linux
system tray. Its goal is to have the minimum interface possible, making
it very straightforward to use.

SAP (Simple Audio Player) is a command line audio player written in
vala and utilizing the gstreamer library for audio playback and Ncurses
for an interactive interface. As such, sap will be able to play any
audio file that gstreamer is capable of playing. Aside from local
files, sap can also play files from the internet over HTTP.

Whaaw! Media Player
A GTK+ media player utilising gstreamer and written in python.

Xnoise Media Player
Xnoise is a media player for GTK+ with an intuitive user interface,
great speed and lots of features.

Yauap is a simple commandline audio player based on the GStreamer
multimedia framework. There is also a DBus interface that allows yauap
to act as a backend for the Amarok audio player.

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