QtGStreamer in Qt5

Marco Trapanese marcotrapanese at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 23:04:10 PDT 2013

Il 14/07/2013 08:45, George Kiagiadakis ha scritto:
> Can you give more details of what you are doing? Did you compile 
> QtGStreamer with Qt5? What include directory did you change? Regards, 
> George

Well, starting with a simple player example found on the web (iirc: 
which using QGstreamer along with the Ui (for the VideoWidget) I tried 
to compile the project under Qt5.

The first problem is, you know, the include path for QWidget is changed. 
So I modified the videowidget.h:

     #include <QtWidgets/QtWidget>
     #include <QtGui/QWidgets>

Then it complained about the miss of declaration of TRUE and FALSE (I 
don't know where they are defined). So I added to maintain the 
portability of the code:

enum {

to my project.
Compiling now leads to a lots of errors like this:

Undefined reference to QWidget::hasHeightFor Width() const
Undefined reference to QWidget::nativeEvent(QByteArray const&, void*, long*)
Undefined reference to QWidget::initPainter(QPainter*) const
Undefined reference to QWidget::redirected(QPoint*) const
Undefined reference to QWidget::sharedPainter() const

and so on...

Perhaps it's my fault and it should be a well-known issue when porting 
to Qt5 but I cannot make it works.


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