Debugging GStreamer : refcounting

Thomas Scheuermann scheuermann at
Mon Jul 15 07:11:42 PDT 2013

Am 15.07.2013 14:55, schrieb Tim-Philipp Müller:
> On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 14:31 +0200, Thomas Scheuermann wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>>>> In the end we are looking here for memory problems with gstreamer,
>>>> because it crashes after it has reached 3GB memory.
>>> if you're on Linux, I'd recommend the valgrind suite of tools.
>>>    $ G_SLICE=always-malloc valgrind --leak-check=yes yourapplication
>>> (you can also pass suppression files from the GStreamer common module so
>>> it doesn't report one-time allocations in GObject and GStreamer and
>>> things like that, cuts down the noise a little).
>> How can I do this?
>> Is there a documentation about this?
> What is "this" exactly? How to use valgrind in general? Suppression
> files? It's a widely-used debugging tool on Linux, there should be
> plenty of docs how to use it.
> might have some pointers.
OK, I meant these suppression files. I've found these files.
>> If I use valgrind the video doesn't play correctly at all. We have the
>> situation here that we only have streaming videos which we have to decode.
> "not correctly" how? Valgrind makes things run very slow, so depending
> on your machine and work load it may not be able to decode your videos
> in real-time. That's often not a problem if what you're trying to track
> down memory leaks.
I have to check if I still get the memory leaks. I hope the gstreamer
pipeline doesn't behave very different when I use valgrind. It will
loose some data coming from the network, but I have to see...

But is there also a tool to check the reference counting of the g-objects?



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