Reference counter when getting EOS

Thomas Scheuermann scheuermann at
Wed Jul 17 08:11:13 PDT 2013

Am 17.07.2013 16:53, schrieb Brendan Long:
> On 07/17/2013 03:41 AM, Thomas Scheuermann wrote:
>> If the pipeline gets an EOS signal and I shutdown the pipeline, the
>> reference counter of my decoder element is still 1.
> Did you unref the pipeline? It will hold a reference to all of the
> elements in it.
Yes, I unref the pipeline. This is how I shutdown the pipeline.
I have an event loop which is left if it gets the EOS message or if I
press a key.
If I press a key the everything is OK and the finalize function of my
element is called.
If the event loop gets the EOS message, the finalize function of my
element is not called.
At the moment I don't know how to dig deeper into this problem.
Any help is appreciated.



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