Audio and video sync problem

Chris Tapp opensource at
Wed Jul 17 12:20:05 PDT 2013


I am using a pipeline of the form:

   playbin2 uri=<some-video> video-sink="ffmpegcolorspace ! videoscale ! video/x-raw-rgb width=300 height=200 ! fakesink sync=1" audio-sink="autoaudiosink"

My aim is to allow the audio to run live and to use the 'frame' property of playbin to grab video images which I then render manually.

This basically works ok, but on one system I'm getting poor sync between audio and video where the video lags the audio (and the lag gets longer as the clip plays). This only seems to happen for some media types - e.g.

I'm sure my application is rendering the video fast enough, so I'm thinking there is a fundamental problem with my pipeline. I've attached the .dot for the pipleline that's active when this happens.

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Can anyone give me some pointers to where I should be looking?

Chris Tapp

opensource at

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