how to choose a h264 decoder in gstreamer plugins

liuxing gavinsperation at
Wed Jul 17 23:56:17 PDT 2013

Hello, there


I am now working a real-time h264 video stream player. I checked the plugins
related to h264 installed on my computer, they are h264 parser and
rtph264pay and rtph264depay. There is no h264 decoder that I can use
directly. Then, I googled "gst-libav" and got it installed on my computer.
Now I have vdpauh264dec, but I still have no clue to get it work with h264
files. And when I try to play "mov" or "mp4" file with gst-launch playbin,
the fault "h264 decoder missing" came up. Why is it????


Can anyone help me with this please? 


With Regards



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