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I'm having some trouble for streaming a video on windows 7 with RTP. I installed the last sdk for windows : gstreamer-sdk-x86-2013.6 (gst-inspect-0.10.exe tells me that there are 171 plugins, 1004 features).


I started with simples things like this command which is working and show me the image : gst-launch-0.10.exe videotestsrc ! dshowvideosink


I tried to make a RTP server-client with these commands :


At first, server :

  gst-launch-0.10.exe videotestsrc ! ffenc_mpeg4 ! rtpmp4vpay send-config=true ! udpsink host= port=5000



then the client with vlc, with this sdp file :


 m=video 5000 RTP/AVP 96

 c=IN IP4

 a=rtpmap: 96 MP4V-ES/90000



But I got nothing :/


Did I make something wrong or misunderstood something ?


I would very much appreciate if you can help me. By the way, my main goal is to stream (with RTP) RGB images that I get with opencv. Do you have some advice ?



Alex, a french student.
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