start/stop recording from live preview+stream

rashmi rashmi at
Fri Jul 19 11:33:20 PDT 2013

I have created a gstreamer pipeline(for dm368 application) for DVI 
+stream with the following elements
--->queueu--->encoder-->rtp payload-->udpsink

I have also created a recording bin with
that records video based on user command received over tcp.

When recording is to be initiated the following steps are followed 1)get
static pad to recording bin 2)block the pad 3)add recording bin to pipeline
4)set its state to playing 5)get request pad to tee 6)link it to recording
bin 7)unblock the pad

for stopping recording
1)block the tee src pad
2)send eos to queues
3)remove the recording bin
4)set its state to null
5)unlink the tee pad and sink pad of recording bin 6)remove the tee pad
7)unblock the tee src pad

My problem is I am able to record video only for the first time.The DVI 
+streaming doesn't halt when I add and remove the bin.
but the application crashes teh seond time i try to record with the error
GLib (gthread-posix.c): Unexpected error from C library during
'pthread_mutex_lock': Invalid argument.  Aborting.

I have attached code for reference. record.c

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