Video Rectangle size Reset

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Sat Jul 20 07:14:24 PDT 2013


I am struck with a problem and i am not clear on what to do next i am not
much of an expert in Gstreamer.

I am using sdlvideosink for rendering my video and i am also redirecting
this video to a Qt X11EmbedContainer as a QProcess.
I am playing videos one after the other by switching between them using some
event management system. When one video is playing(high resolution) i am
switching to other video , the transition is ok and first video gets stopped
and second video is being played.
now the problem is , as the second video is of less resolution which will
not cover the previous video window size so the unoccupied previous video
images are still seen on the window even though the video is stopped.
i want to clear the window before the second video is played. please see the
screen shot i attached.

following is the code am using.

// i am using (0,0,1280,720) because there is a VideoRectangle function in
that same values are used

The functions other than
gst_x_overlay_set_window_handle(GST_X_OVERLAY(vsink),winD); are used by me
after some googling and going through gstreamer doc site even then the
problem persists.


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