filesrc too fast with rtsp-server

Dexter Metzger dexter.metzger at
Thu Jul 25 13:29:31 PDT 2013

I'm trying to serve an MPEG-TS file over RTSP and view it using VLC. VLC
opens the source TS file without problems. My pipeline for
"gst_rtsp_media_factory_set_launch" is as follows:

filesrc location=file.ts ! queue ! mpegtsparse ! rtpmp2tpay name=pay0 pt=96

VLC can access the stream, but playback is very jittery and fast. It will
play about 1 second of audio and video, then skip forward.

Many posts online suggest setting "sync=true" in udpsink. Since udpsink is
managed by rtsp-server, I tried modifying the code to set sync to true, but
this doesn't seem to fix the issue.

Any thoughts on what I'm missing that correct my playback speed? I'm trying
to avoid re-encoding the file, as VLC is able to play back the TS file
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