Strange names of some enums

Marcin Kolny marcin.kolny at
Thu Jul 25 14:41:39 PDT 2013

W dniu 25.07.2013 12:02, Tim-Philipp Müller pisze:
> On Thu, 2013-07-25 at 11:10 +0200, Marcin Kolny wrote:
> Hi,
>> I noticed, that every enum value has a name GST_* (e.g.
>> GST_BIN_FLAG_NO_RESYNC in GstBinFlags). But I also found some enums,
>> which values don't match to this pattern. (e.g. in enum
>> GstAudioConvertDithering).
>> Is it some minor bug, or maybe there is some reason for this solution?
> Those element/plugin-specific enums are not public API in that form, the
> header file is not installed. If it was public API, it would be a bug.
Thanks for reply.
I'm working now on a gstreamermm1.0, and I'm using enum generator from 
glibmm ( There is a patch so far, which added prefix GST_ to 
incorrect names. But now I'm going to remove this patch, or at least 
reduce changes in patch.
It would be great if in the new version of gstreamer every(even 
non-public) enum value has GST prefix. Is it possible?
I could prepare a patch for you.

Best regards,
Marcin Kolny

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