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Fri Jul 26 05:30:24 PDT 2013

Thank's a lot for your fast reaction Tim!

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On Fri, 2013-07-26 at 14:13 +0200, Bernhard Graaf wrote:


> I’ve tried to compile and link the code from your example page:
> But I’ve got only a few error messages:
> tags.c:(.text+0x313): undefined reference to `GST_BUFFER_SIZE'
> tags.c:(.text+0x341): undefined reference to `GST_VALUE_HOLDS_DATE'
> tags.c:(.text+0x356): undefined reference to `gst_value_get_date'
> Is there something changed in the meantime between documentation and
> implementation?

This is fixed in git, but apparently it was overwritten by the docs
upload for the last 1.0.8 release.

I've re-uploaded it from git master, and it should be fixed there now.

(Those bits were 0.10 API).


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