Crash when closing pipeline

Otwoh a.guiavarch at
Mon Jul 29 07:47:58 PDT 2013


I have a C++ GStreamer application which record my webcam.

Here the Pipeline :

ksvideosrc --- queue2 --- ffmpegcolospace --- videorate ---ffenc_mjpeg ---
avimux --- filesrc
                              dshowaudiosrc --- audioconvert --- ffenc_aac
--- queue2

When I want to stop recording, I manually call  g_main_loop_quit
Then, I clear objects:

gst_element_set_state (smp->pipeline, GST_STATE_NULL);
gst_object_unref (smp->pipeline);

It works very well when I use mjpeg encoder, or raw video.
But my application crash every times, when I use an encoder with prediction
(mpeg2, mpeg4, h264)
The crash is a Stack overflow and memory corrupted.

Plus, in spite of crashing, the video file is created and complete. It's
really weird...

How can I stop the capture cleanly ?

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