Building SDK under Windows: process hangs during translations

S4nshi s4nshinez at
Wed Jul 31 02:40:56 PDT 2013

Hi, I just ran into the same issue: msgmerge hangs for hours when running
'cerbero package gstreamer-sdk'. Am am running a virtual machine with Win7
64Bit and exactly followed the 'Building from source instructions'. 

I looked into the cause of the problem and found out that after hours of
building and calling msgmerge, msgmerge seems to have a problem with merging
translation files AFTER building static gstreamer versions.

That's right, it works on several .pot files without any problems before it
hits the fatal msgmerge call. Interestingly, the line that hangs has been
called once before, without any problems. See here! Grepping on the output
(using cat 'Log_cerbero_package_gstreamersdk.txt |grep "msgmerge.*af"'), I

msgmerge --no-location --update --backup=off af.po gstreamer-0.10.pot 
msgmerge --no-location --update --backup=off af.po gst-plugins-base-0.10.pot
msgmerge --no-location --update --backup=off af.po gst-plugins-good-0.10.pot
msgmerge --no-location --update --backup=off af.po gst-plugins-bad-0.10.pot
msgmerge --no-location --update --backup=off af.po gst-plugins-ugly-0.10.pot
msgmerge --no-location --update --backup=off af.po gstreamer-0.10.pot

The first gstreamer-0.10.pot works (as do all subsequent calls for the
plugins), but the second just hangs. It seems to be a bit different from
iljan's problem, though: these are the last stdouts before it hangs:

test ! -f ./gstreamer-0.10.pot || \
	  test -z ""
|| make
make[3]: Entering directory
msgmerge --no-location --update --backup=off af.po gstreamer-0.10.pot
...................................... done.

Now I have two questions:

a) Can I turn of the build of static versions of the SDK libraries?

b) I'm new to Cerbero, so I didn't exactly get Andoni's advice: How do I
continue after "cerbero buildone gstreamer-static" so that I get a final
gstreamer-sdk installer with all dlls and headers included?

Could anybody give me a hint? 

Thanks so much folks, I've been following you since the introduction of the
OMAP4430/4470 H.264 hardware encoding gst-elements. GStreamer with omx
support compiles like a charm on my ARM boards. You r0ck!!


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