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Tue Mar 26 00:26:40 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I have somehow got the deinterlacing working but the fps drops drastically.
I would like to know when I do "v4l2src always-copy=TRUE", the CPU usage
shoots to 100% and hence fps drops. Why is it so? I would like to know more
since I have no knowledge about it. Also how to I reduce the CPU usage and
increase the fps?



On 20 March 2013 10:24, Mazahir Poonawalla <
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> Hi,
> I am using Leopardboard and streaming live video. I am using NTSC/PAL
> camera as input. The output video on the client is deinterlaced but I do
> not want to use the default deinterlacing method since the method is not
> good. I want to try various other deinterlacing options provided by
> gstreamer - "deinterlace" plugin but somehow it does not work. My pipleline
> is as follows:
> gst-launch -e v4l2src input-src=composite always-copy=FALSE
> chain-ipipe=FALSE !
> video/x-raw-yuv,format=\(fourcc\)UYVY,width=640,height=480 ! deinterlace
> mode=1 method=1 ! dmairesizer ! dmaiaccel ! dmaiperf print-arm-load=true
> ! dmaienc_h264 encodingpreset=2 targetbitrate=1000000 ratecontrol=2
> intraframeinterval=23 idrinterval=46 ! queue ! mpegtsmux name=mux ! queue !
> udpsink port=3001 host= sync=false enable-last-buffer=false
> The pipeline just does not seem to work. It hangs at the following log:
> system error: Invalid argument
> Setting pipeline to PLAYING ...
> New clock: GstSystemClock
> Also, to note, If I use IPIPE in continuous mode and make
> "chain-ipipe=TRUE" then the output remains as it was before i.e. it makes
> use of default deinterlacing method. If I use the above pipeline without
> the "deinterlace" plugin or remove "mode=1" from "deinterlace" plugin then
> I get an interlaced video. But I want to deinterlacing using some other
> method before encoding. How can I do it?
> Also, wanted to understand where exactly does the default deinterlacing
> happen. Is it the IPIPE doing it or encoder or gstreamer? Can I remove or
> disable the original deinterlacing option or change the deinterlacing
> method in the hardware?
> Thanks*,*
> *Maz
> *
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