How to get device list from Gstreamer

Osmo Antero osmoma at
Sun Nov 3 05:51:18 PST 2013

Is it possible to read a list of Source (and Sink) devices by using
Gstreamer1.0 functions only?

In my audio-recorder, I`ve used PulseAudio to get the IDs and Names of
Source-devices, and it works great.  In Gstreamer 0.10 we had
GstPropertyProbe and GST_PROPERTY_PROBE() that also made this task trivial.
But I understand that these have been removed from Gstreamer 1.0.

Does Gstreamer1,0 have an easy way to get a list of active Source and Sink
devices (à la: GstDeviceXXXXX)?  Can you point me to an example?

Here is my current code (with Gstreamer 0.10 and PulseAudio):


  Osmo (Moma) Antero
  Palmela / Portugal
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