Multiple media types on Sink pads using BaseSink

Tim Müller tim at
Sat Apr 5 02:27:14 PDT 2014

On Sat, 2014-04-05 at 02:05 -0700, kstvnd wrote:


> I am new to Gstreamer. I am writing sink plugin and want to receive multiple
> media types on different request pads.
> Can this be implemented using GstBaseSink ?
> Are there any existing plugins which does similar task?
> Are there any documents to understand this?

GstBaseSink does not support this.

You could have a look at decklinksink for an example (whether it's a
good one is another question though).

Generally it might be better/easier to make a bin with two sink pads,
and then pass data to two separate sink elements internally. Those could
co-ordinate if needed.

If you derive from GstElement yourself you're missing out on all kinds
of things GstBaseSink provides (prerolling, synchronisation, etc.),
which are not trivial to re-implement yourself.


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