program crashes after g_main_loop_run()

leon dudi.reuveni at
Sun Apr 6 23:10:38 PDT 2014

Hi Tim,

thank you for your detailed explanation.

I tried your advice-  buffer = gst_buffer_new_wrapped (g_memdup (RTP_ptr,
size), size);

and there is huge progress-

first of all, the program is not crashing anymore

second, when I added your advice, the video was playing for one sec and then
stopped with the error:
return value of "next packet" is not o.k ( from the "else printf(...);" )
that keeps being printed on the screen.

but I wanted to see the memory content of RTP_ptr so I printed it on the
screen  with for loop

for (u_int i=0; ( i < size ) ; i++)
            if ( (i % 16) == 0) printf("\n");           
              printf("%.2x ", RTP_ptr[i]);

 right after the command- pcap_next_exand(app->pcap, &header, &data); 
suddenly the video was playing much much better almost smoothly- it freezes
for 1.5 seconds and plays for ~3 seconds.. 

so my guess is that I need some delay, maybe after the  pcap_next_exand()

Im not sure why, because the callback is being called only if the appsrc is
ready to accept more data to its buffer.

what do you think?

thank you for your help,

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