sync problem (?) between sender and receiver

leon dudi.reuveni at
Mon Apr 7 01:41:31 PDT 2014


Further to what has been discussed on "program crashes after
g_main_loop_run()" topic,

I think the next issue is right for another topic.

I have sender and receiver (RTP).
the sender uses appsrc to load pcapfile that contain RTP stream and sent the
RTP packet with uspsink.

the problem was that the video at the receiver was playing not smoothly , so
I added delay with Sleep(20); after every implementation of "need-data"
callback and the video is playing o.k now.

but what if I will load video with different frame rate\ quality\
this solution of sleep() is correct for this specific issue.

from my understanding, the buffer of appsrc will emit the callback of

"When the internal queue is running out of data, ... , which signals the
application that it should start pushing more data into appsrc"

so every time the buffer "can", it filled with more data, without
considering the receiver.
so my question is- how can I sync between the sender and receiver? do I need
to do so? or appsrc "know" the video framerate...? or the udpsink is
responsible for the sync?

I will be happy for some explanation about it..


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