Playbin -> play audio and video + record it to a file

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Tue Apr 8 10:57:12 PDT 2014

On Di, 2014-04-08 at 19:17 +0200, stic at wrote:
> I'm still not able to use inter elements ... but anyway, for now whatever i try to do i always fail with a message from decodebin element coming from playbin:
> gsturidecodebin.c:930:unknown_type_cb:<uridecodebin0> warning: No decoder available for type 'audio/AMR, codec_data=(buffer)0000001164616d7270766d6d0001800001, rate=(int)8000, channels=(int)1'.
> My problem is with audio.
> I tried with different audio format, and whatever codec it is it says there is no decoder available for audio as soon as i try to use an autoaudiosink that is not coming from playbin as default.
> So when i specify a bin to 'audio-sink' property of playbin, then it fails with that kind of error.
> I do exactly the same thing for 'video-sink' and there is no issue with video. Video is properly played to the custom autovideosink inside my bin.
> If I left things as default (no use of 'audio-sink') there is no error and audio is played ...
> Please can anyone provide any help about this ? I'm really really desperate :/ ...

Can you provide a simple, minimal testcase for this audio-sink problem?
That seems really weird.

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