seeking in fragmented mp4 files

Lajos Okos lajos.okos at
Wed Apr 9 03:47:46 PDT 2014


I'm testing fragmented MP4 files with the playbin pipeline. The files play
fine unless I want to seek in them. Seeking doesn't work. The reason seems
to be the qtdemux that is forwarding the seek events upstream if the mp4
file is fragmented. I don't need any of the smooth streaming functionality,
I have the audio and the video tracks in a single mp4 file and I don't want
to change bitrate. The reason I'm using fragmented mp4 is that the files
are in record while playback should start.

Is there a way to catch and handle the forwarded seek events from qtdemux
in the application? What should the seek handle do?

Should I construct a different pipeline with opening some type of a
manifest file rather than the media file itself? How should the manifest
file look like in this simple case?

Hope that someone solved this issue before!

Thanks for your help in advance!

Best Regards,

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