GstCollectPads: getting callbacks when a sinkpad's buffer has size 0.

Lei Miao leimiao09 at
Wed Apr 9 13:44:09 PDT 2014

> A zero-sized buffer is a valid buffer, so collectpads considering that
>> as such seems correct. However it seems wrong that you have zero-sized
>> buffers in your pipeline. I would start debugging which element inserts
>> them and why, and then make sure that this doesn't happen.
Thank you for the response. The information you provided does make sense.
There are only two types of elements in front of our element in the
pipeline: souphttpsrc and queue2. I suspect it's souphttpsrc that inserted
the zero-sized buffer. The problem also seems to be related to the server
that souphttpsrc fetches data from: it hasn't happened since we reported
the issue to the service provider. In order to troubleshoot the issue, I
guess I will have to wait until it happens next time, knock on wood.
However, if anyone has any general comments about how possibly souphttpsrc
inserts such zero-sized buffers, please let me know.


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