Clarification on working of the element qtdemux

sravanupadrasta sravanupadrasta at
Tue Apr 15 04:38:23 PDT 2014

   I need clarification on using qtdemux, I'm writting a plugin , which
sends different streams ( i.e., data with new MOOV atom), at different
random intervals. Qtdemux is perfectly accepting the new stream, parsing the
data, moov atom, and also the samples contained in the data. It seems that
it is sending the new data with the old stream. After debugging, i came to
know that, everytime when a  new stream arrives, it creates a new stream
i.e.,(QtDemuxStream) , but the samples that has to be sent to the new
stream, are instead inserted into the properties of the first stream, even
there's new pad that is created is added to the first stream. This makes the
samples to be unplayable. I want to know whether this is the problem of
QtDemux, or am i doing something wrong. and also, i'm not setting offset,
offset_end or timestamp in my plugin.

I'm using gstreamer-0.10 with good plugins version 0.10.36

Do i need to do something, or is it the way qtdemux works, if so, is there
any patch for it.

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