Build gnonlin and gstreamer-editing-services

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Sat Apr 19 10:00:52 PDT 2014

On Sa, 2014-04-19 at 18:45 +0200, Urs Hofer wrote:
> Hi all
> I have cerbero 1.2.3 installed on my Mac OSX (10.8.5).
> Building gstreamer runs smoothly. But whenever I'm trying to compile 
> either gnonlin-1.0 or gstreamer-editing-services 1.0 I'm getting the error:
> configure: Requested 'gstreamer-1.0 >= 1.3.0' but version of GStreamer is 1.2.4
> configure: error: no gstreamer-1.0 >= 1.3.0 (GStreamer) found
> ***** Error running 'build' command:
> Recipe 'gnonlin-1.0' failed at the build step 'configure'
> (same happens compiling the editing services).
> Anybody lucky in compiling?

If you use the git master branch of gnonlin/gst-editing-services (which
you'll get if you use cerbero from git master) you'll have to build
gstreamer core and the plugins from master too ("").

If you want to use gnonlin/gst-editing-services with 1.2.x, you'll have
to build them from the 1.2 branch (cerbero 1.2 branch was changed to use
that yesterday).

Alternatively you can wait until later this evening when I finished
uploading the 1.2.4 binary packages. They include gnonlin,
gst-editing-services and gst-rtsp-server now.

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